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Stainless Steel Tubing

Typical Applications

19% chromium, 9% nickel, general purpose stainless Aircraft hydaulic lines, heat exchangers, surgical instruments

310 25% chromium-20% nickel with good strength to 1900°F Furnace muffles, thermocouple sheaths, temperature controls, electrical instruments

17% chromium-12% nickel-2% molybdenum, with excellent acid corrosion resistance Chemical processing equipment, pressure gauges, Bourdon springs

321 18% chromium - 11% nickel stabilized with titanium Aircraft hydraulic lines, chemical and electrical instrumentation

347 18% chromium - 11% nickel stabilized with niobium Applications 50 1500°F, fuel lines, pumps and valves for aerospace industry

12% chromium heat- treatable martensitic alloy Bourdon springs, medical instruments, guided missile rocket components

430 17% chromium ferritic alloy with good corrosion resistance to 1400°F Gas & oil burners, dairy equipment

446 27% chromium ferritic alloy with good oxidation resistance to 2000°F Gas & oil burners, chemical equipment, fire detection equipment, thermostatic controls

A-286 Heat - treatable austenitic alloy with good oxidation resistance to 2000°F Jet engine combustion tubes, cryogenic applications

Most alloys are available as seamless or welded and drawn tubing.
All raw material is subjected to Tube Methods' rigid incoming inspection procedure before being approved for redrawing.

For further information, please contect Tube Methods' Sales Department

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